Paleo Recipes For 17 Days – E-BOOK. Weekly Shopping Lists.

Paleo Diet Cookbook. 17 Day Diet. Paleo Diet Cookbook Recipes. Full Menus, for a 17 day diet Cycle.


What you will find inside is, a full menu for 17 Paleo Diet cycle. This includes:

– Recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner,  divided by day one, day two …
– Shopping lists for each 6 days.
– Photos for all lunches and dinners recipes. You will know how it will look, even before you start cooking
– Easy, step by step instructions
– List of allowed foods, for the Paleo Diet


You do not know what is Paleo Diet?

No problem, there is a quick introduction that will explain all you need to know, straight to the point, with no fluff.

If you have gluten, dairy, grain, soy or other food sensitivities you will want to own this cookbook.


Afraid of starving, because you are going to do a 17 day Paleo Diet cycle, that will detox you body?

Do not be. Paleo Diet, is all about quality, not quantity.

The Paleo diet helps you be slim, strong and fit. It keeps most of the diseases at bay. Let it be obesity, heart problems, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, chronic acne and many more. Paleo diet has a high ability to give a tough fight to them all.

All the recipes are easy to prepare, have photos and step by step instructions.

This is an E-Book, available to download, right now, in universal format (pc, mac, tablet, iPad, smartphone) , and the price is just $3.90. Yes, you read it well.

Why just $3.90? Because, it is a digital book, there are no shipping costs, the planet trees will not be devastated, and it is environmental friendly.

You can start reading, cooking and eating, in the next minute! Click below!

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Fabulous Recipes
By, Cynthia Vickers “Cynthia”on March 17, 2013
This book contains wonderful, easy-to-follow recipes. I’ve never enjoyed eating as much as I have since I started using this book. I highly recommend it.

Great book to get you started on the Paleo Diet
By, Brandi Won January 28, 2013
This book made it easy to get started on the Paleo diet. The food overall was easy to prepare and really delicious. Also, if you are cooking for two you can double most of the recipes with little effort. Some of the dishes took me out of my comfort zone, like kale chips; but after making them, we actually found them to be quite tasty and great for when you need a salt fix and have already consumed too many nuts for one day. I loved the “No Oat” Oatmeal for breakfast and we’ve been having it at least once a week. Since January 1, my husband has lost 16 lbs and I have lost almost 18 lbs. and it doesn’t even feel like dieting. Thank you.

Great collection
By, Courtney Milleron February 3, 2013
A great one stop shop for info relating to clean eating. Nice collection of recipes and perfect for Paleo help!

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